The Story So Far
Or what's left after the paladin culled it, at least

We’ve got our five (seven) heroes, played by four (three) players. For two, it’s their first time playing, for one it’s a throwback to old DnD, and for another, it’s a much-awaited group.

The current party consists of - Gloin Ironbeard, Dwarf Warlord 2 (Played by me) Kavoth Stonesunder, Goliath Barbarian 2 (Played interchangeably by me and another) Maliestra Nolastname, Elf Druid 2 Draxis, Dragonborn Paladin 2 Boomy McWreck, Tiefling Warlock 2

And, in the wings is another character of mine, Velko Silvereyes (Doppleganger Rogue 2) who may-or-may-not be subbing in for one of the above.

Playing the Keep on the Shadowfell adventure for a way to kick things off has been fun, and a nice way to pass the time, though a few tempers have flared. Hopefully, after we clear out the keep and rescue the princess, or whatever Orcus has down in his pimp crib (and survive the Gelatinous Cube, which we constantly dread finding), we’ll continue into the Lagorma proper and the DM’s campaign.

Things have been going okay, though tempers have flared a few times. Some quite epic happenings have happened too (gasp!). We’re not the most roleplayish group… More of a sit around and kick the crap out of the encounter flavor monsters of the day sort of group. Maliestra seems to tune out for the times where it’s not his turn, and it’s fun trying to keep Draxis away from his computer and the tantalizing call of World of Warcraft. Surpring me again and again is Boomy’s player, as he continuously thinks up new and creative ways to melt faces (Darkspiral aura triggers off attacks. Opportunity attacks exist. Moving grants concealment. Huh. Never would have thought to use it offensively!).

It’s interesting how we all settle into roles around a table. Some players tune out, some players grow bored, others joke about the goings-on, and then there’s me – I’m that one guy that overplans, overplays, and overthinks basically everything. Hell, I’m writing this right now. Back when I played 3.5, I was one of… ONE player that seemed to care, or show up regularly… And I sort of started keeping records. It was something for me to do. Now… It’s hard to break that habit, to not shoot down everyone else’s ideas and let them play them.

I guess I’m too used to controlling every aspect of the battle.

I guess I’m too used to surprises from my side of the field.

... I guess I should start thinking of ‘my’ party as ‘the’ party. And I guess I should give the other players a chance to surprise me…

Because in the end, it’s a game.

Our Current Status
Current Status, in game!

XP party 6019 - Loots - Pouch Chest – Silver Key

5 shortswords

4 Iron Pokers

5 Crossbows

86 bolts

8 leather armor

3 Spear

5 javelin

+1 Pure Spirit Totem (+1 To attack/damage that use implement)

Chest – +1 Magic Wand (+1 bonus on attack and damage rolls)

Potion of Healing (Minor – Spend healing surge, gain 10 HP)

Wooden Crate – +1 Amulet of Health (Locket with picture inside guy saved+wife. +1 defenses, +5 vs poison)

- Money -

116 silver pieces

1574 Gold Pieces

- Important Crap -

Map of kobold lair SE Winter – 100gp

Clovermarsh – crawling with kobolds

Irontooth – marauder leader

Cave behind of waterfall se village – in league of kobolds

Ruined keep (Keep on the Shadowfell) in mountains to N (Ghosts ‘n Vampries) – Orcus leyline thing Keep’s last master –Sir Keegan

Message scroll – Written in common (Signed by Kalarel) – Shown to City Leader – 250 GP to finish.

Abducted guy – discovered dragon burial site

Dragon burial site – south, abducted guy dragged back to site

- Butcher’s Bill -

Ranger – 10

Paladin – 12

Warlock – 4

Barbarian – 16 (1 Boss) (81 record damage 1 turn, 1 attack 50)

Warlord – All of them (4)

Druid – 23

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