The Wasteland of Kurkas was the ancestral home of the Dwarves, from which they were exiled by envious necromancers.

The greatest Dwarven accomplishment of old was the World’s Heart Mountain, constructed at the center of the continent from stone and steel over the course of several generations. It was home to the single largest city the world had ever known.

It was this mastery of craftsmanship that a cabal of necromancers reviled. They slew what Dwarves they could, that they might rise up undead servitors with which to take the mountain.

Unfortunate though it may be, history speaks to their success.

Those Dwarves who were able fled to Dursol, their ancestral homeland lost.

Now Kurkas is mostly barren, save for the World’s Heart Mountain, which has endured hundreds of years of abandonment, a testament to Dwarven stonework and smithing.

Most Dwarves harbor a dream of one day seeing Kurkas restored to its former glory, and the World’s Heart returned to her people.


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